Thursday, August 09, 2007

Irony or Stupidity? Wiretapping Imperils National Information Security

The law of unintended consequences is always waiting in the wings... especially when the Bush administration is at the helm.

[Because of the new wiretapping law]within 10 years the United States will be vulnerable to attacks from hackers across the globe, as well as the militaries of China, Russia and other nations....

U.S. communications technology is fragile and easily penetrated. While advanced, it is not decades ahead of that of our friends or our rivals. Compounding the issue is a key facet of modern systems design: Intercept capabilities are likely to be managed remotely, and vulnerabilities are as likely to be global as local. In simplifying wiretapping for U.S. intelligence, we provide a target for foreign intelligence agencies and possibly rogue hackers. Break into one service, and you get broad access to U.S. communications. |A Gateway for Hackers: The Security Threat in the New Wiretapping Law - Washington Post|

Via Schneier on Security

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