Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hell's Angel shot to death in UK

A member of the Hells Angels in the UK was shot to death (while riding his bike) recently. The victim was shot in the back of the head. The article says he was shot with a pistol. I think all one could know for sure is that he was shot with a pistol round, it strikes me as more likely that a submachine gun or pistol-caliber carbine was used.

"Astonishing is the best word to describe this case," said Det Supt Ken Lawrence of Warwickshire police yesterday. "It is an incredible story. This man was travelling [at] about 70 mph [when he was shot]...

[T]here was no obvious motive. The dead man had been in a stable relationship, was known as hard working and of good character....

Julian Sher, a Canadian investigative journalist and author of Angels of Death, a study of biker gangs across the world, said: "When a Hell's Angel gets executed, it's one of two things: an internal cleansing or a rival gang." On the Bulldog Bash website forum, fellow-bikers expressed their anger at the murder. "To you yellow-backed murderers, hope the police find you first," said one posting. |Hell's Angel killed by hitman travelling at 70mph, say police - Guardian|(emphasis added)
I didn't realize that the Hell's Angels were an international group of thugs until I read this article.

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