Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Never an Archangel when you Need One

A small sect in Iraq, called Yazidis, were recently bombed using Vehicle-Born Improved Explosives Devices (VIEDs). I'd never heard of the Yazidis before, but Al Jazeera describes them this way:
Yazidis are a primarily Kurdish sect that believes in God the creator and respect the Biblical and Koranic prophets, but the main focus of their worship is Malak Taus, the chief of the archangels. |Scores die in attacks on Iraqi sect- Al Jazeera| (emphasis added)

Debka described the attack as "one of the most savage single terrorist attacks in the four-year Iraq war. Some 30 houses were leveled..." In a country where bombings are daily occurences, this is a grim distinction. (emphasis added)

Being Kurds and members of a small religious sect made these people easy targets for Al Qaeda.

It's interesting to me how many different religious sects there are in the middle east, especially ones that meld Islamic and Christian views.

The Druze religion is another one that borrows elements of Christianity and Islam to create a unique religion.

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