Sunday, July 08, 2007

Searching that's good for the soul versus soul searching

I usually evaluate search engines in terms of their functionality, but Goodsearch is a search engine that asks you to adopt it based on its business model.

Goodsearch has an altruistic business model where they give half of their proceeds to charity, and you get to pick the charity and can track the proceeds in real time.

Goodsearch uses Yahoo search as its underlying search engine, at least for right now.

Goodsearch has search plug-ins for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari through Mac OS so it's easy to start using it for all your web browsing needs.

Around the Deer-Axton household, we're donating our searches to the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) and Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR, pronounced mixer).

But there are many good causes out there. Guidestar is a non-profit search engine that gives away quite a bit of information for free. (There are other non-profit search engines, but they're much stingier with their information.)

Google has made "don't be evil" part of its informal corporate philosophy, but Goodsearch goes further and actually has a progressive business model.

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