Saturday, July 14, 2007

Made in China

Andrew "bunnie" Huang has an interesting website and Boing Boing picked up his blog entries about working as an American engineer in China. Bunnie is a tech advisor for Make magazine and even has his doctoral dissertation from MIT on his website.

I love the Snowcrash reference in one of his recent blog posts.
Foxconn is where all of the iPods and iPhones are made. It’s a huge facility, apparently with over 250,000 employees, and it has its own special free trade status. The entire facility is walled off and you apparently need to have your passport and clear customs to get into the facility…just short of the nuclear-powered robotic dogs from the nation-corporation franchulates of Snowcrash. |Bunnie's Blog|


Language Lover said...

Andrew is a good friend of mine! He was my classmate at MIT and my husband's roommate for four years; we still spend every Thanksgiving together. He's a great guy; glad to hear you've discovered his blog.

Safety Neal said...

What a small world!