Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ready! Set! Freak Out!

"TORCH? Check.

Maps? Check.

Sense of impending doom? Check."

Sydney's new disaster planning initiative attracted the scorn of the Sydney Morning Herald's Sunanda Creagh in this article.

Sydney residents (charmingly called Sydneysiders) have a new website for disaster planning they can consult when they feel that sense of impending doom.

I think their four step process seems quite reasonable:

  • Develop a Plan
  • Put Together a Go Bag
  • Know How to Respond
  • Tune In and Follow Instructions |Pocketguide in PDF|
Here in the U.S. we have Ready.Gov, which has a resource that allows you so search by state for emergency planning resources and information here.

On their guide, Ready.Gov lists your steps to preparedness as:

Ready.Gov Image with readiness steps

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