Thursday, July 05, 2007

Feed the spammers hot coals with Footard

Ok, I'll admit to having some violent tendencies and a general dislike of spammers, which is why I was pleased to see Footard, a system that generates temporary email addresses.

Registration with most web sites and/or services on the Internet requires a real email address. Of course, not long after registration, the spam flood begins! Well Footard offers a way around the problem.

Using Footard you can create a real email address that doesn't require registration. Thus there is no connection between you and your Footard email address. When spammers get their filthy hands on your Footard email address, simply delete the email account and create a new one.

Footard offers safe and secure access to as many email accounts as you'd like to create. Sent and received emails can be deleted manually, or they will automatically delete when more than four days old. Email accounts will automatically be closed after thirty days of inactivity, and none of it costs you a cent! |Footard|


Mun Mun said...

Footard, have you been reading my diary?! What a godsend!

Safety Neal said...

Mun, I would never read your diary. Not without permission anyway...