Sunday, July 08, 2007

Esau's Hairy Thigh

Those cut-ups over at the Register have some unkind things to say about the self-styled terrorists who made news in Britain last week. But their analysis of the implications of the attacks by these Gomer Pyles of the terrorist world is what I find most amusing.

To recap: an exceptionally incompetent group of troublemakers... decided to bring a spot of terror to old Blighty starting last Friday.

These people had no actual explosives, and were apparently too lazy and ignorant to learn how to make them. Instead, they decided to load cars with petrol, domestic gas cylinders and "containers holding nails", and then set fire to them....

Frankly, if this kind of thing is the only backlash the West experiences for Iraq, we've got off pretty much scot-free: we should indulge in a spot of military adventurism any time we feel like it.

Conversely, if this is all al-Qaeda have to offer, we should never have lost a moment's sleep over them - let alone shoved our valuable appendages into the military meat-grinder of Afghanistan...|'al-Qaeda' puts on big shoes, red nose, takes custard pie- The Register| (emphasis added)
If only all terrorists were this incompetent, then they'd be correct. Unfortunately, I think that Homeland Security and FEMA can probably match these guys dunderhead for dunderhead.

Via Schneier on Security

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