Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blacking out: Not Just for Alcoholics

Last night we lost power for a couple of hours at home. Over the summer I've been at the library twice when the power went out. I blame it on living & working in the old part of Saint Paul and our antiquated electrical grid.

In all three cases the entire neighborhood lost power, but not the larger city. There is some precedent for people rioting when an entire city loses power, but not necessarily.

Popular Mechanics has a blackout survival guide with good advice such as turning off you A/C and when to empty the fridge.

Sarah was surprised that I could only lay my hands on five working flashlights last night, but I think that's a reasonable number. We burned tealights to make it easier to get around and I decided that an empty sink is almost as good as a firepit, so that's where I put several of the tealights last night.


Nikka said...

Were you involved in the Big Blackout of 2003 that affected 1/2 the country? We were living only 5 blocks north of 8-mile in Detroit, and the radio was telling us news of minor riots and major looting. We couldn't keep our 3-month old baby cool enough in the 80+ degree heat, and as the night wore on with no fans, no breeze, and greater unrest in the city, we decided to break the newly-imposed curfew and take the back roads out of town...drove a few hours west to my father's, who wasn't affected. Thank goodness we had the means to leave; many others were not as lucky.

Neal R. Axton (USA) said...

No, I managed to miss that blackout by moving to California. Thankfully the California deregulation debacle occurred the summer before I moved there.