Monday, July 16, 2007

Another fine theory blown to bits

Looks like I spoke too soon in my last blog post as a devastating series of bombings took place in northern Iraq today. Terror doesn't take holidays.

More than 80 people were killed and 150 wounded in Kirkuk, northern Iraq, today as the debate intensified in Washington over a US exit plan.

That debate was further complicated by a claim by the Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, that Iraqi security forces were ready to take over and the US could leave whenever it wanted... The attacks resulted in one of the highest death tolls this year and the highest in Kirkuk since the invasion in 2003....

The attack came as Mr Maliki sparked consternation in Washington by saying Iraqi forces were ready to take over responsibility for security and the US forces could leave "whenever they want". That is not helpful to Mr Bush, who claims a premature departure would produce more bloodshed.

|Kirkuk carnage fuels calls for US exit - Guardian|
Bill Maher in every single episode of his show last season asked his guests if they believed Bush's claim that violence would result from a US withdrawal and if they responded in the affirmative, he would basically ask them why they think Bush is right this time, when he's been wrong about everything else.

As much as I despise Bush, I think he is right that a bloodbath will likely result from a US withdrawal. However, I'm not confident that such a thing can be avoided, rather we are merely delaying it by staying in Iraq.

One of the talking heads on CNN the other month was saying that the reason the Iraqi legislature cannot come to any sort of agreement is because they are convinced that the problems will be solved by a contest of arms and that they are simply waiting the Americans out. Once we leave, the bloodbath and begin and everything prior to that is just delaying the inevitable.

If men recognize no law superior to their desires, then they must fight when their desires collide. - R.H. Towney

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