Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Working Date

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As a workaholic who is married to another workaholic, I was intrigued by an article in the Wall Street Journal |sub'n req'd| today by Sue Shellenbarger about a new development in dating, the working date.
You've heard of working vacations. Now comes "the working date." Many single people are so busy with careers that they don't have time for a social life. So they're increasingly blending work and romance. For some, the practice has provided a path to lasting love. For others, working dates are one more way to avoid intimacy, or just a major turn-off....

Some people even regard devotion to work as a plus in choosing a date. says it sees a growing number of new clients who say they're workaholics, often including the word in the headline of their profiles, as if it were an asset. And says it sees men and women on its site using the term "hard worker" in their postings seeking dates. Both Web sites are among the largest dating sites and claim tens of millions of users....

Working daters agree that working on dates doesn't interfere with sex. "When it's time for sex, it's time for sex," says Michael French, a Santa Fe, N.M., author on relationships. But working can encumber the fine art of communicating. Making the leap from the gritty, competitive mentality of work to the "intuition, the give-and-take" of romance may be too much for some people, Mr. French says. "The values we associate with work success are very different from the values we associate with relationship success." |WSJ|
The US is such a hyper-competitive place that being a workaholic is considered a virtue by many. At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I wonder if this phenomenon is also related to the Web 2.0 explosion.

If young people are more socialized to Second Life than First Life, then intimacy with a living, breathing human being would be disconcerting. Having a laptop on both your laps would allow you to slowly acclimate to the other person before getting busy.

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