Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Video Game Law Course

A colleague just sent me the course description for Video Game Law at John Marshall Law School. Sounds like an interesting class.

[Video Game Law covers] the no longer nascent subject of computer and video game law. We will begin with the history of the industry and then move to some of the most important legal topics facing it. Along with other intellectual property concerns, we will cover the application of copyright law to games, both in terms of the underlying code and the audio-visual elements experienced by players. We will also discuss the scientific research on the effects of computer and video games, a topic which naturally leads to legislative efforts to regulate the content and distribution of games. We will discuss the First Amendment implications of doing so. Some of the other topics to be covered are the right of publicity as it relates to games and product liability for the effects of games. With one small exception, the regulation of gambling will not be covered.
I would, however, re-write the first sentence to remove the phrase no longer nascent.

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