Monday, June 18, 2007

US takes sides in Palestinian Civil War

I'm dubious of the US-Israeli strategy of giving money to Fatah in an attempt to quash Hamas. This strikes me as the diplomatic version of cutting off their allowance to encourage better behavior.

President Bush on Monday pledged help and support to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as the United States prepared to lift economic and diplomatic sanctions against his new-look government....

The administration hopes that a resumption of aid would bolster Abbas and improve chances that he can negotiate toward peace with Israel.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack noted that the new emergency government in the West bank is made up of moderates who have previously pledged or demonstrated their commitment to nonviolence and peace with Israel. |US poised to lift Palestinian embargo - Kansas City Star|
I suspect Fatah cozying up to the West will get them labeled as traitors by Hamas. Hamas will get funding from governments opposed to the US and Israel and will gain favor due to their hardline position.

The Palestinians will become even more radicalized and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis will deepen rather than alleviate. Of course, I shouldn't lay all of this at Bush's door. The situation is horrible and he inherited the Israeli-Palestinian clusterfuck. But his reckless actions in Iraq have surely fanned the conflagration.

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