Monday, June 11, 2007

The US is like the guy at the party who gives everyone cocaine, and still nobody likes him

The US military has embarked on a new and risky strategy in Iraq by arming Sunni insurgents in the hope that they will tackle the extremist al-Qaida in Iraq.

The US high command this month gave permission to its officers on the ground to negotiate arms deals with local leaders. Arms, ammunition, body armour and other equipment, as well as cash, pick-up trucks and fuel, have already been handed over in return for promises to turn on al-Qaida and not attack US troops.

|Ewen MacAskill, US arms Sunni dissidents in risky bid to contain al-Qaida fighters in Iraq - Guardian |

Does anyone else remember when we armed the Taliban to help oust the Soviets?

The military-industrial complex has a logic all its own...

I wonder if anyone at the Pentagon has ever read Zepezauer's book, Boomerang! How Our Covert Wars Have Created Enemies Across the Middle East and Brought Terror to America |Amazon| Worldcat|

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Ksenya said...

I do remember the whole arming the Taliban in the 80s thing, but sadly, the people who REALLY need to keep track of these things somehow fail every time...