Saturday, June 30, 2007

Transhumanism versus Cyberpunk

Transhumanism is an emerging worldview that I find intriguing. Since I'm also a huge cyberpunk fan, I thought this post, which compares the two terms, was engaging.

[T]ranshumanism the opposing view to cyberpunk: cyberpunks are pessimists, predicting that technology will exceed our ability to comprehend it, making all of civilization depressed and lethargic. Transhumanists are optimists, foreseeing that humans will use technology to make ourselves more than human, to make sure we can keep up with the technology. I guess both will exist. Some people will embrace the changes that come with technology, and enhance themselves. Others will fear to lose their humanity, and so will refuse to adopt the changes to themselves. What they don't see is that technology will rob you of your humanity only if you deny it, choose to live opposed to it. You've got to adopt it, make it yours, give yourself to it. That's what humans do. Maybe that's what humans are. |Transhumanists.Org|

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