Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Safety Propositions: Why I Don't Carry a Gun

My home state of Kansas recently passed a concealed carry law. Minnesota, where I currently live became a shall-issue state shortly before I arrived.

Of course, Sarah would divorce me if she ever caught me carrying a gun... so that pretty much nixes the idea for me.

But even if Sarah was indifferent to carrying a gun, I still wouldn't carry one.

It's not so much a safety issue for me, it's a simple cost-benefit analysis. Guns and ammo are heavy. Very heavy. Even something as light as a derringer is going to wear a hole in your pocket. And if you carry a real gun and even one clip of extra ammo, you're talking about some significant weight.

I carry pepper spray, a folding knife and a cell phone pretty consistently. Those three items make me feel prepared for most situations and weigh much less than a gun. They're also far less likely to scare the neighbors or get me shot by the police.

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