Friday, June 15, 2007

Irony Challenged Librarians

Michael Gorman, former President of the American Library Association, has posted a diatribe against Web 2.0 in two posts at the Brittanica blog.

The Chronicle of Higher Education picked this up as news, and one commenter made a hilarious point about Mr. Gorman:

Uh, is this guy irony-challenged? He’s distributing his screed against Web 2.0 ON A BLOG! | Link |
Perhaps he is trying to generate controversy, if so he should expect the ridicule.

I think Gorman is confusing America's tradition of anti-intellectualism with the democratic mores of Web 2.0.

Who (in their right mind) would blame Web 2.0 for the religious right's disbelief in evolution and the neoconservative's hostility to climate science?

On the other hand, I like the idea of the digital Maoists joining forces with the electronic Hezbollah.

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dr said...

Somebody, I forget the name but he's a fairly prominent tech journalist, just published a book about how Web 2.0 is going to destroy our culture. Based on the jacket, the argument is that web 2.0 elevates amateurism and in so doing undermines the authority of professionalism, thereby inhibiting the production of high quality cultural goods.

I decided to buy Peter Irons' new book instead.