Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I hope he's wrong: Jenkins on Bush's Russian Policy

Simon Jenkins has a provocative essay on the neoconservative's treatment of Russia amid the recent rise in tensions over Dubya's Son of Star Wars programs in Europe.

Will history tell us we were fools? We worried about the wrong war and made the wrong enemies. In the first decade of the 21st century the leaders of America and Britain allowed themselves to be distracted by a few Islamist bombers and took easy refuge in the politics of fear. They concocted a "war on terror" and went off to fight little nations that offered quick wins.

Meanwhile these leaders neglected the great strategic challenge of the aftermath of cold war: the fate of Russia and its mighty arsenals, its soul tormented by military and political collapse, its pride undimmed. They danced on Moscow's grave and hurled abuse at its shortcomings. They drove its leaders to assert a new energy-based hegemony and find new allies to the south and east. The result was a new arms race and, after a Kremlin coup, a new war. Is that the path we are treading?

| This Russian risk could yet dwarf our blunder on Iraq - Guardian |
The ironic thing is that missile defense is a fool's errand. *gasp*

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