Thursday, June 21, 2007

GPS + RFID = Killer App

I just saw this product announcement from Identec for combining GPS and RFID into a single product (it looks like a jump drive to me).

I think this is a clever product and if the price is reasonable this could become very popular.

I don’t think there are any privacy concerns unique to this product since we’re all being tracked by the GPS in our cell phones anyway.

From the press release:
With read/write range in excess of 500 meters, the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS GPS Tag can be activated at any time with a reader thereby providing increased ease of access and reduced infrastructure.

The intelligence of the tag lies within the tag itself. Self-tracking, the GPS Tag utilizes satellites in combination with RFID to chart its route and movement. Once within range of an IDENTEC SOLUTIONS reader, the GPS Tag will provide crucial information on the assets movements.

Use of this technology is well suited to any type of asset or personnel tracking application and in particular for container and port transit. The receiver will be able to ascertain the exact route and journey of any asset or person. Not only will this system provide for increased control, but will allow for greater security and scrutiny. |Link|

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