Tuesday, May 01, 2007

US Military foresees its Doom

Wired's Danger Room is blogging that the U.S. Military is just twigging to the fact that their use of energy is totally unsustainable.

I predict that this Pentagon report will get shelved somewhere and our military will be the world’s mightiest up until the moment it runs out of gas. Then it will chug to a stop and become one of the world’s least powerful Armies. Much like our economy will do.

Unfortunately, the the government is encouraging denial by citizens, not facing reality. This administration is only part of the problem, but their lack of leadership on this issue makes real change unlikely.

But our entire governmental structure is at fault. Congress has become so corrupt that it's almost impossible to change the nature of military acquisitions. Even when top Pentagon leadership want to kill a weapon's system, they are often unable to do so because the military contractors have learned to source parts from many different states and any weapon system will often have representatives from 30 different states lobbying for it. Rumsfeld's war on the Crusader artillery system and Cheney's attempt to clip the death trap known as the Osprey are mentioned in passing here.

And the military has become a small government unto itself and Congress has proved unable to seriously police the Department of Defense.

All our government is doing at this point is re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Don't worry, though, we'll all get ring side seats to watch this economic and ecological disaster play out.

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