Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reality TV... how low can you go?

Have you heard of the upcoming reality show Kid Nation? Defamer has some coverage here.

CBS television, desperate for a hit to follow on from its reality shows Survivor and Amazing Race, has had the bright idea of emulating Lord of the Flies, Golding's 1954 dark masterpiece that earned him the Nobel prize for literature. The network has chosen 40 kids aged eight to 15 who will be left to their own devices for 40 days in a ghost town in New Mexico....

The challenge that CBS will set the kids is to see whether they can be any more successful in establishing a functioning society than those original frontiersmen. They will elect four leaders to guide them and set bedtimes. They will have to cook their own meals, clean their own outhouses and run their own businesses....

In the case of Kid Nation, the producer is Tom Forman, who made his name with the home improvements version of Extreme Makeover (as opposed to the plastic surgery variation which seeks to give participants a "Cinderella-like experience").

CBS says the main point of the series will be to see whether the kids "come together as a cohesive unit, or will they succumb to the childhood temptations that lead to round-the-clock chaos?"

Executives are not at this stage making clear what they will do should chaos extend into anarchy. (emphasis added) |Guardian|

I think the only sport will be in seeing just how quickly things descend into anarchy, but I take a very dim view of human nature and, well, especially children.

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