Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Poster girl for frontal assaults

Aeryn by douggiedoo16.
Farscape: The name of the show came from the Texan mispronunciation of the phrase fire escape, a Macguffin-type device the show's writers frequently fell back on to get the main character J.R. Ewing (John Crichton) out of sticky situations which were often the result of his own devious machinations. | Farscape - Uncyclopedia |

I watched several episodes of Farscape this weekend. I still like the series and watch it when I'm in the mood for sci fi. Aeryn is definitely my favorite character and not just because Claudia Black looks good with a pulse pistol.

I can be a bit hard-headed, I've even been called bloodthirsty by some. Aeryn and I share the conviction that there are some individuals who could only be improved by death, but we are loyal and honorable. I try not to accumulate enemies, I actually go out of my way not to give unnecessary offense to others and try to get along. Most of the time, there are better alternatives than force. But once in while, force is the only option left. In a real fight, there is no second place.

I still like Farscape after all these years and watching them again, I have the chance to enjoy the odd turns of phrase that the writers use, like dog and bone for a communicator. The Australian accents do make it a bit hard to understand at times, but that just adds to the other worldly illusion.

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