Saturday, May 05, 2007

A modest proposal for mandatory government service

I've long advocated a system of mandatory government service and I think all Americans should take some time out of their lives to work for the common good. I've advocated creating a variety of forms of service: the postal service; the military; a public works administration; an environmental remediation corps.

We could also provide a system of differential rewards based upon the service. Working for the postal service would entitle people to a reduced postal rate for the rest of their lives. Members of the military would be allowed to carry concealed weapons (and would be given appropriate training and were appropriately regulated). Members of the public works administration would be entitled to government assistance to finance the maintenance and rehabilition of real estate. Members of the enviornmental remediation corps would be the only individuals entitled to certain public parks that would be closed the general public (both to protect the environment of the park and to provide an incentive to enroll in the environmental remediation corps). The private parks could rotate, so that land would not be removed from the public domain forever, but as a necessary resting period. Unfortunately, you can love wilderness to death.

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