Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The joys of the two party system

The binary nature of the American political process is enough to turn off all but the most hardened of partisans, as Cindy Sheehan recently learned.

Bill Maher pokes fun at the entrenched political process and articulates what Jimmy Carter should have said when the Republicans excoriated him for his denunciation of Bush's wretched foreign policy.

[L]et's be honest, we would have been better off over the past six years if the Oval Office had been occupied by an orangutan with a Magic 8-Ball. And that's why it's so depressing that when the right-wing noise machine pretended to get upset at what Jimmy Carter said, he did what Democrats always do and backed down....

Why couldn't [Carter] have just said, "No, I meant what I said. And speaking as the first citizen of Habitat for Humanity, let me take out my toolbox and build you a house where we can meet and you can blow me."

If a Democrat who's out of office and 100 years old can't speak out, what chance do we have for the ones who are in office? Like the ones who are in Congress now who, emboldened by widespread public approval of their plan to bring the troops home ... this week abandoned that plan. You see, you don't get to become the worst president ever without a little help from the other side. |When Democrats Collapse - Salon|
Ah, the joys of the democratic political process.

I really do love this country.

It is precisely because I love this country so much that I am so violently upset at the horrible damage Bush has done to our military, our economy, our image and prestige.

I want this country to succeed by playing its part as a contributing citizen of the international community and contributing to the promotion of welfare for all citizens of the world, not just serving the corporate interests located in the United States.

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