Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happiness is a Warm Gun

The firearm used in this video is a Heckler and Koch G36 with a 40mm grenade launcher. Modern Firearms details the design of the firearm.

The G36 is a reliable rifle, much more so than the M16 series. Though hard core M16 and AR-15 aficionados will have a difficult time accepting what they might describe derisively as 'Euro-Trash,' there is no denying the fact that the G36 rarely, if ever, jams. The most desirable departure from the M16 design is the fact that the gas used to operate the action is vented in the forearm, and not blown back into the action like the 'exhaust pipe' of the M16 gas tube. The G36 jams so rarely that HK has said that they have a G36K that has been fired more than 25,000 rounds without cleaning and no failures. I defy an M16 to duplicate that. |HK Pro|

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Rambo 4 said...

"Happiness is a war gun" :-)
That could have been said by John Rambo !