Friday, April 06, 2007


There are still many things wrong in the world, but at least it's Friday, that makes things a little better in my world. I have to work tomorrow, but that's cool. Saturday shifts are usually nice and quiet in the morning, about the time reference questions start to boil over at 5 PM, I leave for the rest of my weekend. I've suggested we change the weekend schedule once, but movement is slow on that front.

You can amuse yourself this weekend with Kitten War.

I was able to do some gardening yesterday. I increased the drainage and cut down a bunch of volunteer trees. The garden is slowly bending to my whim.

Our birdfeeders and squirrel feeding stations have also been marvelously successful. I saw a female cardinal just a few hours ago less than four feet from me. We even have a hawk and a mole that frequent the property. Most people dislike moles, but they seem harmless enough to me.

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