Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Iraqi Emigre's Despair and our Shame

Informed Comment's daily coverage of the Iraq War is on my must-read list. Professor Cole does a great job of exposing the Republican disinformation on the war.

Retired general Barry McCaffrey, a veteran of the Gulf War... has recently carried out a study of the situation in Iraq. Highlights (not in original order):

"We’re in trouble."

"The Iraqi government in power is dysfunctional."

"There is essentially no province in Iraq where the central government holds sway."

"Iraq’s neighbors are bearing no good will toward a favorable outcome in Iraq."

" . . . collectively the American people have said that the conduct of the war has been so incompetent that we’ve come to disbelieve the administration has the ability to carry this off."

"The next president, unless the situation in Iraq is dramatically turned around, is pulling the plug."

Gee, I guess Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are in pretty good company after all. It is Dick Cheney who is living in fantasyland.

In contrast, it seems clear that former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld routinely sent spokesmen out to lie to us about cases like that of Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman. Lynch says she was no Rambo, and that Tillman was killed by 'friendly fire' was covered up. |Informed Comment|

The Iraqi blogger Riverbend is emigrating from Iraq and is furious that our dumbass president decided to ruin her country. Some freedom... the freedom to live under the thumb of a blueblood moron.
There are moments when the injustice of having to leave your country, simply because an imbecile got it into his head to invade it, is overwhelming. It is unfair that in order to survive and live normally, we have to leave our home and what remains of family and friends… And to what?

It's difficult to decide which is more frightening- car bombs and militias, or having to leave everything you know and love, to some unspecified place for a future where nothing is certain. |Informed Comment|

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