Monday, March 26, 2007

Talking to Iran

Ray Takeyh of the Council of Foreign Relations has published a piece titled Time for Détente With Iran in which calls for Washington to set aside our failed policies of the past for dealing with Iran. Iran is simply too important a play in the volatile Middle East for us to ignore. Mr. Takeyh writes:

The idea of containing Iran is not new; in one form or another, it has been the de facto policy of the United States since the inception of the Islamic Republic, and it has enjoyed broad bipartisan support in Washington.

Yet to endorse it in good conscience today, one must answer important questions:

Can a state that projects its influence through indirect means, such as supporting terrorism, financing proxies, and associating with foreign Shiite parties, truly be contained?

Will other states in the region be willing to help the United States isolate Iran? |Foreign Affairs|

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