Monday, March 26, 2007

High School Student Tasered

This strikes me as another highly questionable use of a taser. When are we going to start treating tasers as potentially lethal weapons?

The deputy warned the student and then shot him with the taser.

Authorities credited the taser with keeping the situation from escalating.

"You get to a 17 year old pretty good sized kid. It can get physical," said Guerette.

But friends and fellow students think the taser was unnecessary.

"They could have handled that. He's not someone who could have overpowered them," said Jaboris Parker, Naples High School Student.

The student's father says his son never posed a physical threat to deputies, pointing out that he is only 5'7" and 150 pounds.

But deputies say the word student and his size get thrown out when a potentially violent situation is brewing.

"Anytime you stand up and you pose a threat and you challenge an officer, go ahead take me. Do what you have to do," said Guerette. |NBC2|

I think that last quote sums up the situation in this country, anytime you refuse to comply with police commands, you will be tasered without a moment's hesitation regardless of the threat you pose.

This news article indicates that no Houston police officer has ever been reprimanded for using a taser.

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