Friday, March 16, 2007

Cardiac Only CPR

I recently was re-certified on CPR and the Red Cross has changed their suggestions for CPR to give fewer breaths and more compressions, they now suggest 30 compressions and 2 breaths.

A new study in the Lancet suggests that giving breaths is generally not helpful and rescuers should just give chest compressions.

They also argue that people might be more likely to help strangers if they didn't feel they'd have to lock lips with a total stranger to render aid. I have a friend who's an MD and his class of medical students were told not to give CPR without a breath mask... from a societal standpoint it's silly to risk highly trained MD's to save any one patient. Use a mask or don't do the rescue breathing...

I used to carry one of the disposable CPR masks with me on my keychain for a year or two...but I eventually took it off and stuck it in one of my bug-out bags where it languishes to this day...

So maybe we should delete the P from CPR.

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re:done said...

The science that supports leaving out the P as you say is interesting. Basically the conclusion that the interruptions in compressions to give breaths caused a drop in the blood pressure that the compressions had just established. Additionally the chest compressions coupled with a reasonably open airway seemed to move some oxygen into the lungs anyway. Just what I have heard.