Thursday, February 08, 2007

What the world needs now...

The world definitely needs more nuclear weapons, so Russia is arming itself with a new generation of nuclear weapons.

The Japanese are in the process of turning their non-army into the world's third largest army, according to Ken Port, one of the professors at William Mitchell College of Law who speaks Japanese fluently and regularly teaches at Japanese law schools.
[Prime Minister Shinzo Abe]and his supporters in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) - which is neither liberal nor democratic - talk of "amending" the Constitution, they are not, however, talking about simply altering the wording of one part of the document, or even just adding one or two Articles in the American "amending" style. Rather, the result of amendment will likely be a wholesale redrafting of the document which will have a critical impact on the nature and manner of Japanese international and domestic policy, and the most significant development in Japan since World War II. |Jurist|

Bush is capitulating in his negotiations the North Koreans, they apparently will get to keep their nuclear weapons and get oil shipments from the U.S.

I can see why the Japanese are concerned about their safety with a loose cannon like North Korea nearby and the U.S. seems an unreliable protector since we've most of our Army tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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