Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The vast darkness of human suffering

I recently read a piece in the Hamline Journal of Law and Public Policy that claimed that we could stamp out child abuse in a mere three generations in this country if we fought the good fight really hard. It'd only take 120 years or so...

I was dubious then and I'm even more dubious after reading this:

The [United Nations] report, the first of its kind, charts various kinds of violence, from prostitution to school bullying, taking place in different stages and spheres of children's' lives - at home, in the community and in institutions.

[The UN report] estimates that some 150 million girls, 14% of the planet's child population, are sexually abused each year, as well as seven percent of boys, or 73 million children. [For a total of 223 million abused children each year.]

Such violence can leave serious long-term psychological scars which result in increased risky sexual behaviour, substance abuse and violence towards others in adulthood. |BBC|
Now I recall why I don't have any children. Child maltreatment and sexual assault are global problems and they won't be easily corrected.

My sole remaining hope for the human race is that genetic engineering will allow us to raise the intelligence of the human population at an astounding rate and so many of our social ills will fall away as people determine that solving these endemic problems is worth the sacrifice.

But for the moment, most of the human race are no better than chimps in clothes.

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