Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Motorists are MAD in Britian

Britian is in the middle of a letter bomb campaign. No one's quite sure who is responsible, but it's a war of intimidation rather than death that is being waged against the nanny state. The modern administrative state is under attack.

The [Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)] office worker... was treated for cuts after the bomb went off in her hand... The devices are contained in a padded [envelope] and contain "pyrotechnic" material, similar to that used for making fireworks. Police believe the intent is to alarm rather than kill. Rather than being addressed to individuals, they are sent to "post-holders" at companies... Two days later, a woman was injured while opening the mail at the London offices of Capita, which collects congestion charge fees [that prevent people from entering London with their car for free]. On Tuesday, a package injured two people at the postal address in Wokingham, Berkshire, of Speedcheck, which deals with traffic regulation devices.

An angry motorist could well be responsible for the latest attacks, according to "Captain Gatso", the campaigner responsible for attacks on speed cameras and who operates under a pseudonym.

"What we are looking at now is a war on the motorist," said the man who represents Motorists Against Detection (Mad). "And the motorist is fighting back," he said. "It's payback time." |Guardian|
So, do pyrotechnics count as terrorism or civil disobedience? Does the answer change when some office worker loses an eye?

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