Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Lack of Crime...

It's well known that the crime rate has been falling in the United States for years,
and some economists have suggested that liberal abortion laws are responsible for the drop in crime. |Link| However, this does not explain the European drop in crime.

The survey, carried out by Gallup Europe for the UN crime prevention agency and funded by the European Commission, says that no single factor can explain the drop in crime across Europe over the past 10 years but that a fall in the proportion of young males and improved security measures such as burglar and car alarms are probably more influential than tough sentencing policies or rising prison populations.

Its says that "sentencing policies in Europe as a whole are considerably less punitive than in the US and yet crime is falling just as steeply in Europe as it is in the US". The authors add that Britain and Ireland stand almost alone in Europe in jailing persistent burglars rather than using community service orders to punish them. |Guardian|(emphasis added)
Maybe crooks are now finding it easier to steal from people over the Internet rather than in person...?

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