Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Bleedin Canuck?

Yesterday a law student asked me if I was from Canada. I'm not really from any one place, I'm a vagabond, not a Canuck. But I was pleased that she thought that I might be Canadian.

I generally claim Manhappiness, Kansas as my hometown, but the place I went to high school and college doesn't exist anymore.

My friend Monkey is a student of Buddhism and I told him that I cannot really swallow the whole reincarnation bit. It's a beautiful, poetic vision of the world...but it seems just as implausible to me as the Christian and Muslim visions of heaven and hell.

He suggested that another interpretation of reincarnation is that we are reincarnated as different people over the course of our lives.

I liked this answer and I think it is a clever solution to the philosophical paradox of the Ship of Theseus dealing with identity over time and through change.

When I look back on the confused, anti-social young man I was in high school, I feel reincarnated.

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Mun Mun said...

I had never heard of Theseus's paradox. Interesting. I remember reading this Deepak Chopra book on aging and it said our eye cells are completely replaced every seven years or something like that. So,we are seeing with new eyes every few years. I like your friend's idea about reincarnation within our lifetime.