Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The New Courtship

I was over at the Bellman and after following a link, I found myself reading an argument in favor of making sex toys freely available to minors (illegal in most states), especially the strap-on dildo.

A teen girl who possesses a strap-on may suggest to boys that they perform a sex act that is kinkier but far safer than the ones boys usually suggest to girls. Boys can be expected to differ greatly in their reactions to such suggestions. Some are certain to Just Say No. Others will enthusiastically answer, “Yes!” Many, perhaps most, will balk as the girl coaxes (sound familiar?). However, none will get pregnant. No abortions will be performed and no one will suffer through the ordeal of nine months of an unwanted pregnancy because of this practice. No children will be born doomed to inferior care by unprepared parents because a young lady made love with her beau in this manner. |Men's News Daily|

Yesterday I read a news story discussing how marriage is becoming less popular with younger people, people are marrying later, and many women are choosing to either live alone or simply co-habitate.

The institution of marriage in America is in serious decline, and a slim majority of women now live without a spouse, new census data show.

Some 51% of women above the age of 15 were living without a spouse in 2005, a sharp rise from the 35% who were on their own in 1950, the halcyon days of the American family, the census data says....

[William Frey, a demographer at Brookings Institution says]the new data was evidence that a tipping point had been reached in American society. Marriage is no longer the social norm. Amid the tumult of the 1960s and 1970s, the institution of the family was a focus of baby boomers' rebellion. Forty years later, that backlash and the growing economic independence of women, have produced a generation of women who see choices other than marriage...

Men and women are waiting until they are well into their 30s to marry, or may choose to live together instead. In 1950, some 42% of women below the age of 24 were married; by 2000, the figure had fallen to 16%, the census data found. |Guardian|

I'm starting to feel kind of old-fashioned...

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