Sunday, January 07, 2007

EU gains neo-nazi caucus

Just to show that racism isn't dead, Europe has added a new caucus, one formed of racists that was made possible by the addition of Romania and Bulgaria.

"Europe of the Fatherlands", [is] expected to form [a] transnational organisation next week by establishing a formal caucus in the European parliament.

The development is an early result of the accession of Romania and Bulgaria. Ironically, given the hostility of the west European far right to expansion, to immigration, and to eastern Europe, it is Romania's entry that has made the caucus possible: the EU parliament's rules stipulate that an official caucus in the chamber needs to have representatives from at least five countries, and a minimum of 19 MEPs. They now meet this requirement....

Bulgaria's quota of European parliament seats includes one held by the extreme Ataka party of Volen Siderov, which campaigns against Gypsies or Roma and Turks, while Romania has supplied a breakthrough for the hard right by gaining five seats for Corneliu Vadim Tudor's anti-Hungarian, anti-Semitic and anti-Roma Greater Romanian party....

By establishing a formal caucus, the extreme right will benefit from greater EU funding. A priority, said Mr Moelzer, will be to fight any German-led attempts to revive Europe's comatose constitution. |Guardian|

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