Monday, December 11, 2006

Iraqi Army Selling their Guns

In yet another sign of the futility in Iraq, I read that the Iraqi police and military are selling their US provided weapons on the black market. Of course, we didn't even bother to copy down the serial numbers on the rifles and pistols we gave them. Maybe the fact that I'm a librarian makes me especially aghast at this, but it seems like such an obvious step.
Tracing U.S.-issued weapons back to Iraqi units that sell them is especially difficult because the United States did not register serial numbers for almost all of the 370,000 small arms purchased for Iraqi security forces, according to a report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction....

Defections and resignations have also been common in Iraqi police and army units, they said, and often departing soldiers and officers leave with their weapons, which are worth more than several months of pay.

Aaron Karp, a small-arms researcher at Old Dominion University, said Iraq resembled African countries that had had extraordinary difficulties with the police selling off their guns. "The gun becomes the most valuable thing in the household," he said. |Seattle Times|
Earlier in the article it discusses the inflation in arms prices because every household in Iraq now wants an assault rifle so that they can defend themselves from the various death squads roaming the country.

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