Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Get thee to a library!

I've been advocating for a while that there should be educational requirements for Congressional representatives. Senators should be required to have a Ph.D. and members of the House of Representatives should be required to have a Master's Degree. That way, there will at least one topic on which they will have some expertise. Law degrees wouldn't count, though. Those are expected.

So when I read this today, it merely reinforced my view.
[Silvestro] Reyes, a Democrat from Texas, was chosen by party speaker Nancy Pelosi to chair the house intelligence committee, charged with the oversight of the CIA and other agencies.

So there was much chagrin when the congressman was unable to answer even the most rudimentary questions about militant Islamist organisations such as "Who is in al-Qaida", and "What is Hizbullah"? |Guardian|

How can the U.S. take a leadership role in the world community when our leadership (and citizenry) are largely ignorant of the rest of the world?

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