Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The fantasy of self-reliance

So I was reading the Guardian and happened upon an article about the new Swiss Army Knife called the Giant which has every tool they make and weighs in around a kilogram (or 2.2 pounds).

Then this sentence caught my eye.
I'll bet that most Americans who own a gun also own a Swiss Army knife. It offers the same fantasy - ever more attractive in our apocalyptic age - of self-reliance in extremis. |Guardian|
For the record, I don't own a Swiss Army Knife and haven't ever wanted one. I own several multi-tools and I even own a German Commando Knife, which is a knife with folding pliers. But the Swiss Army Knives have always struck as, well, a little prissy.

Of course the UK strictly controls the possession of firearms by its citizens and has recently even moved to ban fox hunting and so I can see how this author's perceptions of Americans (and specifically the much-maligned gun-owning American) are influenced by the media rather than direct experience.

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