Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Guns and alcohol don't mix

To follow up on a previous post, the Minnesota man who shot a 14-year old boy (mistaking him for a deer) has been charged with second degree manslaughter according to this article by Jim Adams.

The killer had been drinking that day and had five previous DUI's. While I enjoy shooting, I make it a policy to never mix alcohol with guns. Having a beer is fine, but it's about relaxation. Guns, on the other hand, are about blowing shit up.

I knew a guy in LA who was an even bigger gun nut then I am, but he told me about one time he and a friend got totally ripped and then went out shooting at night. After he told me this, my opinion of him went way down and we never went out shooting together.

I think shooting at night is risky because the gun's flash will blind you and the gun's report will deafen you which has to dramatically increase you chances of shooting wildly. Richochets, property damage or death could easily ensue.

I have developed a rule that I do not allow people I take shooting to ask questions while holding the gun. If you want to ask a question, put the gun down! That helps prevent people from pointing the gun at me to ask how they take the safety off.

Firearms require respect and the discipline of steel.

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