Wednesday, November 01, 2006

De Facto Iraqi Partition

Professor Chaim Kaufmann has written Professor Juan Cole to suggest that, while the partition of Iraq is a bad idea, it's already a fact on the ground. Kaufmann suggests that the partition will eventually help defuse the violence.
It is true that partition will not end all motives for Sunnis and Shia to continue fighting or to resume fighting later, but the continuing separation of the populations will gradually reduce what is the most important motive driving the war now. |Link|

One of the comments suggests that the partition of the Indian sub-continent was hurried and therefore bungled.
A common thread amongst historians is that the entire process of [India's] partition was too hurried - a delicate operation carried out with too blunt an instrument.

I see parallels with the possible hurried departure from Iraq of the foreign forces too - leaving the warring factions to solve the problem on their own.|Link|

At least the India-Pakistan-Bangladesh partition was planned. The partition of Iraq has been actively opposed by the US and has happened organically in response to our total inability to manage the security, economic, and political situation.

I love how our draft-dodger-in-chief has the temerity to claim the Democrats don't have a plan for Iraq...

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