Monday, November 13, 2006

Canada attacks First Nations' Sovereignty

The Guardian's Anne McIlroy reports on a new position paper being put forth by the Canadian government that does not bode well for the recognition of First Nations' sovereignty under the current Canadian administration.
Critics say they fear the new Conservative government believes the solution is moving Native peoples off the land they have lived on for generations and getting them to settle in southern cities.

"It's a complete abdication of the whole issue of collective rights and the aboriginal people's connection with the land," said the Liberal MP Anita Neville.

The New Democratic party MP Charlie Angus said the implications were profound, asking: "What about every other isolated community that's in poverty?"

Some worry the Conservatives are adopting the views of Tom Flangan, a professor at the University of Alberta who has strong ties with the prime minister, Stephen Harper.

Flangan has argued that the federal government should not keep paying for Natives to live on reservations that have no other source of income. Native people need to integrate into the modern economy, he wrote in his book First Nations: Second Thoughts.|Guardian|
Here's a link to Flangan's book First Nations? Second Thoughts. For a critical response to the book by three Canadian students, see this piece in Znet.

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