Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Prognosis is Good

I just finished talking with Sarah's surgeon and the surgery went well. There were no complications and she only lost about two ounces of blood. The tumor was removed and they removed two lymph nodes. They performed a preliminary dissection on the lymph nodes and no cancer was found. It's possible that cancer might be detected in the more thorough analysis, but usually the initial dissection is a good indicator of the ultimate result.

Sarah's in the recovery room now and will spend the night so they can check for complications like internal bleeding, but chances are good she that will be able to return home tomorrow.

We will get a check-up with the surgeon next week and they'll probably schedule our appointment with the oncologist then. You have to heal from surgery before the oncologist meets with you.

Oh, Sarah also had a PET scan yesterday and it did not reveal anything worrisome.

And I also wanted to say thank you for all the wishes and prayers we've received during this trying time.


Debby said...

Wonderful news! We've had you both in our thoughts all day.


Joe McPuppet said...