Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jesus Camp: Best Horror Flick of the Year

Previously I'd blogged about the movie Jesus Camp, but this weekend Sarah and I actually saw it. It was terrifying. It'd be a good thing to see on Halloween, much scarier than any Friday the 13th movie, because it's all true.

The speaking in tongues (or war talking) is especially disconcerting to me.

At the risk of repeating myself, I think Bush's War on Terror is a thinly-veiled war on Islam and the people in Jesus camp make explicit that they want to make a generation of Christian warriors who are as willing to become martyrs as any Muslim.

The religious fanatics (of all stripes) are laying waste to our beautiful planet because they think the planet is disposable, they believe (as an article of faith) that they are headed for an incorporeal realm and thus they can strip-mine, clear-cut, and irradiate this planet at will to support their suburban notions of prosperity.

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