Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cry not...

The news just gets stranger by the day. There is so much potential and yet so much that is simply wrong with human beings.

The Beat poet Gregory Corso wrote the following poem that speaks to my ambivalence about the world we live in.

The fall of man stands a lie before Beethoven,
A truth before Hitler —
Man is the victory of life,
And Christ be the victory of man —
King of the universe is man, creator of gods;
He knows no thing other than himself
And he knows himself the best he can;
He exists as a being of nature
And sustains all things in being;
His dream can go beyond existence —
Greater the rose?
The simple bee does not think so;
When man sings birds humble to piety;
What history can the whale empire sing?
What genius ant dare break from anthood
As can man from manhood?
King Agamemnon! Mortal man!
Ah, immortality —

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