Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Changing Course on the Ship of State

Earlier I posted about the Muslim veiling debate going on in the UK. As the debate grows more acrimonious, some now fear it may result in running street battles. |Jurist|

As the street battles threaten to re-ignite in France, one has to wonder how we landed in this predicament. I think Osama bin Laden lit the match that set the world on fire. But that match caught in the us or them mentality espoused by George W. Bush.

Reza Aslan has pointed out that when Dubya declared that you're with the US or you're with the terrorists...this forced people to decide who they supported. Unfortunately, billions of people knew they weren't on the side of the US.

A new poll indicates that 70% of Americans now want a different foreign policy, they have come to realize that Dubya has us on the road to ruin.

I just wonder if it isn't too late. Too late to rescue what prestige and respect we may have once had. Too late to stop the spiraling deficit Bush has amassed. Too late to save Iraq and Afghanistan.

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