Monday, September 25, 2006

Racing towards Armageddon

This Houston Chronicle article lead me to believe there is a new Department of Energy Report on Peak Oil by Robert Hirsch. I found the 2005 report online, but 2006 doesn't appear to be up yet.

In looking for the report, I found a chilling analysis of a presentation by Robert Hirsch where he seems to miss the logical conclusion of the peak oil problem, change our energy-guzzling ways:

“[S]o clearly, the US needs to break its addiction with the internal combustion engine, as to not do so will end life on the planet, be unfeasibly expensive, involve resorting to EROI-negative fuels and environmentally unacceptable fuel extraction processes, and will, as a certainty, kill us all”. |Energy Bulletin|

I'm pretty cynical about any chance of avoiding or even mitigating massive societal disruptions due to peak oil. As the post above indicates, the US Department of Energy is looking the problem dead in the face and taking about alternative fuels for cars. That's denial on a systemic level.

Former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore both recently referenced peak oil. First in June, Gore spent a minute talking it up on CNN’s Larry King Live. Then in early July, Clinton—in an interview with Atlantic Monthly—gave substantial credence to the peak oil concept. He also wondered why he had never received a peak oil briefing, given its strategic importance. |EB|
The US government is totally missing the boat on this one, out chasing their tail in Iraq instead of dealing with this looming crisis.

Global warming and peak oil are going to hammer the current world order and probably result in a new dark age of humanity.

So, America, enjoy your Hummers and your double skim cappucinos while you can, because paybacks are hell.

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