Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Propaganda Wars

I saw this article on Newsday about Hezbollah using Iranian supplied eavesdropping equipment to crack Israeli radio security in the recent dust-up between the two sides.

So I popped over to Debka to see if they had any (free) coverage and instead I find an article about Chavez and Castro cooperating with Iranian intelligence agencies but refusing to actually allow Iranian missiles into Latin America.

DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources report that Ahmadinejad also talked persuasively to Chavez about making a show of deploying a few Iranian-made 2,000-km range Shahab-3 missiles – first in Venezuela then in Cuba – as a menace to the United States.

Chavez has not given Tehran his answer. But both he and Castro will think twice about granting this request, for fear of crossing one line too many for the Bush administration to swallow. However, Iranian ambitions to harm American know no limits....

The three-way talks have thus far yielded a solid decision for Iranian intelligence agents, some of them sabotage specialists, to be sent soon to Cuba and Venezuela. They will operate in the guise of road network and industrial development experts. Their real mission will be to conduct surveys on the practicability of using Cuba and Venezuela as bases for subversive activities against the United States and other parts of Latin America.|Debka|
My thought is that this is obviously Israeli anti-Iranian propaganda. Unless someone has bugged the meeting room, no one is going to have any idea what governmental representatives from these countries said to each other.

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