Saturday, September 02, 2006

High Def Hype

Frank Rose has an interesting piece in Wired on Sony's questionable marketing choices in unveiling the Playstation 3 (PS3). What I thought was most interesting was the discussion of consumer resistance to the high definition revolution.

Like most consumers, I have no interest in replacing all of my electronics in order to gain some marginal advantage in clarity. Now they're trying to sell you HD stereos even, so I can listen to commercials with crystal clarity, I suppose.

Reuters has an article discussing the lack of sales and the unimpressive quality of current videos coming out in HD.


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trp0 said...

For most people, HD just isn't worth it because it doesn't matter if you can see the pores on some person's face on tv. That's not what this type of entertainment is for.

The only people that converting everyone to HD benefits is the electronics companies and the content holders. The content holders want to push HD because of the additional control they gain over consumers and when, where, and how consumers can use their fantubulously awesome content.

Why charge people once for viewing or listening when you can charge them over and over by pushing technological means to keep people from doing things you don't want them to and you can also hand legistlation you've written to some political monkey in washington you've shoved money into the pockets of who will then turn around and introduce as super necessary legislation to save us from something or other.

The electronics companies are glad to go along for the ride because it lets them sell all sorts of new gadgets. Some of these companies aren't really evil by including the features allowing content providers to control devices other people have purchased, they're just greedy. If there is ever a backlash against the limits being imposed on consumer by content holders, the electronics companies will just remove those features and sell a whole new round of "freedom"-based devices.

Of course, the likelihood of a consumer backlash against implementation of control by the man behind the curtain won't happen for long due to fucked up state of people in our country today which makes people happily accept restriction and limitation placed on them by those in position of "authority".